Have a question about Kawartha Medical Laser’s Z6 treatments? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions;

1. Most people see amazing results, but some people don’t; why is this?
There are several important factors involved determining proper patient selection in order to obtain optimum benefits from LIFEFORCE Z6 treatments. These include patient BMI, age, lifestyle, and health/medical factors such as conditions that slow a patient’s basal metabolism. In order to obtain the desired clinical outcome, these patients will require more LIFEFORCE Z6 treatments and must comply with the secondary protocol. However, as with other medical treatments, a certain percentage of patients, roughly about 5%, may struggle to respond regardless of additional treatments and compliance with the secondary protocol. This simple fact explains why there are dozens of different types of antidepressant medications. Based on a patient’s genetic makeup and biochemistry, a drug’s response will vary from patient to patient. The same is true for laser treatments with the LIFEFORCE Z6. A very small percentage of patients, based on their genetic makeup and biochemical landscape, may struggle to effectively metabolize the lipid material and see a desired transformation. But rest assured, all of the certified Kawartha Medical Laser technicians work tirelessly to maximize a patient’s response!

2. Is there any data that supports or measures results for those patients wearing compression garments, incorporating lymphatic massage, etc. against those that do not follow protocols and incorporate complementary modalities?
Any modality that encourages lymphatic drainage will be beneficial for the patient as it will help release the liberated fat more effectively from the body. Although there are no official clinical studies conducted that compare the results of patients who incorporate the recommendations and protocols versus those who do not, many successful LIFEFORCE Z6 practices report that those patients who follow the protocol most closely and incorporate lymphatic drainage modalities benefit significantly more than those patients who do not.

3. Can you spot treat for arms, chin and inner thighs?
The LIFEFORCE Z6 laser is specifically cleared for safety and efficacy in circumferential reduction in the waist, hips, thighs, and upper arms. Therefore, in the areas that are FDA and Health Canada cleared, LIFEFORCE Z6 is flexible enough to spot treat or treat a broader area.

4. What is the maximum number of treatments a patient can have safely?
There is no maximum number of treatments with the LIFEFORCE Z6 device. As a non-thermal, low level light therapy, there are no reported adverse events with LIFEFORCE Z6. It is safe to treat a patient as many times as necessary in order to achieve his or her desired goal.

5. How critical is it to eliminate coffee during protocol?
LIFEFORCE Z6 treatment protocol advises patients reduce caffeinated products because caffeine is a diuretic and can dehydrate the body. For best results, it is imperative the body remain well hydrated in order to process and release the fat more quickly as it is liberated from the fat cell. If the patients choose to drink caffeinated beverages, it is advised the patient drink twice whatever volume is consumed in additional water, over and above their recommended body weight water. For instance, if 8 oz. of coffee is consumed, the patient must drink an additional 16 oz. (1/2 L) of water in order to remain hydrated.

6. What results can patients expect?
In a double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled study (same type of study a drug company performs) of the first generation of the LIFEFORCE Z6 (the ML-Scanner), 67 patients were treated 6 times over a 2 week period. The FDA required at least a 3 inch (7.5 cm) reduction in 35% of the active group in combined circumferential measurements of their waist hips and bilateral thighs. LIFEFORCE Z6 exceeded these requirements as follows: 63% the active group lost at least 3 inches (7.5 cm) and the average loss of the active group was 3.52 inches (8.9 cm) in combined circumferential measurements of the waist, hips and thighs. When arm measurements were taken, a further reduction of 0.24” was seen on each arm for a total of 5” of circumferential reduction across the waist, hips, thighs and arms within 2 weeks. Today, with the advanced adjunct protocol adopted by Kawartha Medical Laser Clinic, patients are seeing a greater circumferential inch loss in a shorter period.

7. Once liberated, what happens to the fat?
Once liberated, triglycerides are absorbed by the lymphatic system where they are transported to lymph nodes. Macrophage, an immune cell, releases an enzyme known as lysosomal acid lipase (LAL), which breaks down triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol. Free fatty acids then enter the circulatory system and are transported to various tissues to be further broken down and converted into energy. Every day, our bodies convert fat into energy. Most of the time, our body procures fat from random fat pockets to sustain our energy demands. With the LIFEFORCE Z6, we essentially force the body to use fat from a specific area. Therefore, the body satisfies its basic energetic needs by using the LIFEFORCE Z6-liberated fats.

8. What happens to cholesterol and triglyceride levels post LIFEFORCE Z6? 
In 2010, a clinical study was published showing that following a two-week LIFEFORCE Z6 session there was no negative change in fasting serum lipid chemistry. In the study, no patient demonstrated an increase in serum triglyceride and cholesterol levels. In fact, the study reported a statistically significant reduction in serum lipid chemistry. More research is underway to assess if LIFEFORCE Z6 may be a useful medical therapy in reducing patient cholesterol levels.

9. What is the systemic effect?
By definition, a systemic effect is an effect that circulates throughout the entire body. Think of an allergic reaction. Exposure to a bee sting starts locally, but the systemic effects, if allergic, quickly become evident. LIFEFORCE Z6 treats living fat cells, fat cells that are classified as endocrine organ cells. The endocrine system communicates using systemic communicators. These communicators travel through the circulatory system, navigating the entire body. Therefore, LIFEFORCE Z6 affects billions of fat cells along the treatment region, which in turn, affects how those cells communicate with fat cells across the body. This effect was confirmed in a 2012 peer-reviewed publication, which assessed the systemic effect of LIFEFORCE Z6. Patients underwent LIFEFORCE Z6 treatment of the waist, hips, and thighs. However, systemic measurements were taken across non-treated, systemic points: neck, breast, knees, and upper arms. After a two-week LIFEFORCE Z6 treatment course, every measurement point (both treated and non-treated points) demonstrated a significant circumferential reduction. The question is, why would fat cells, not treated directly with LIFEFORCE Z6, release their lipids? Although the exact mechanism remains elusive, we believe the answer lies in the endocrine function of the fat cells, which LIFEFORCE Z6 affects by reducing fat cell size. Overall, the systemic effect of LIFEFORCE Z6 demonstrates that LIFEFORCE Z6 will not cause fat redistribution.

10. Is the LIFEFORCE Z6 safe?
Yes. LIFEFORCE Z6 works on the principle of photochemistry, which describes the stimulation of cell function following the absorption of light energy. The treatment is painless and normal activities can be resumed immediately.

11. When can patients start noticing results?
The program Kawartha Medical Laser Clinic has established allows patients to see a circumferential change after the first treatment. This is possible because fat is a water-fearing molecule, essentially it does not want to be in an aqueous environment. Think back to a time when you were last cooking, and you mixed oil and water. The oil clumps together – this is because fat is mostly a non-polar molecule, and water is a polar molecule. After a LIFEFORCE Z6 treatment we release fat into a water environment. The fat begins to shift and pool, providing patients with an immediate slimming result. However, this result can be amplified if patients are appropriately hydrated. A higher concentration of water outside of the cell will mean more fat can be effectively removed from the area.

12. How long will results last?
When the FDA and Health Canada granted the LifeForce Z6 market clearance for the circumferential reduction of the waist, hips, thighs, and upper arms, they did not attach the word “temporary” to the statement. Both the FDA and Health Canada understood the mechanism of the ML-Scanner and LIFEFORCE Z6. The device safely liberates lipids from enlarged fat cells, allowing those cells to return to smaller state. Once those cell have been depleted of their stored fat, they will not regain the lipid material unless a person continues to consume excess lipids. So the FDA and Health Canada understood the results could be long-lasting, but ultimately depended on the patient’s ability to prevent the accumulation of lipid material following LIFEFORCE Z6 treatment. In 2013, Dr. Mark Nestor published a clinical study showing that the circumferential reduction achieved in two weeks was maintained eight month later without diet change. However, if patients wish to maintain the result well beyond eight months, it is necessary for them to develop a basic lifestyle change that will prevent the accumulation of fats. The good thing is, there is no limit to the number LIFEFORCE Z6 treatments a patient can receive. So after 12 months, if more motivation is required, the patient can return for more LIFEFORCE Z6 treatments.

13. Why do you need to treat every 2 days?
Clinical research shows that the pore created by the laser only remains open for up to 72 hours. To maintain the pore open over a period of time sufficient to get optimal results, treatments at least every 48 hours are considered optimal.

14. What is the maximum number of treatments a patient can have safely?
There is no maximum number of treatments with the LIFEFORCE Z6 device. As a non-thermal, low-level light therapy, there are no reported adverse events with LIFEFORCE Z6. It is safe to treat a patient as many times as necessary in order to achieve his or her desired goal.

15. Why should patients avoid alcohol during the LIFEFORCE Z6 process?
There are three main reasons why alcohol should be avoided with LIFEFORCE Z6:
a. Alcohol is a diuretic and it is critical that the body stays optimally hydrated throughout the treatment program.
b. Alcohol also contains a lot of calories: a 5-ounce glass of red wine packs 100 calories! This directly conflicts with the recommendations of the program which calls for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
c. Third and most importantly, alcohol is processed as fat by the liver which directly restricts the body’s ability to process the newly liberated fat. Once liberated by LIFEFORCE Z6, the fat that is not used up as energy to fuel the body’s normal metabolic needs is processed by the liver using enzymes. The total amount of fat being processed at any given time is limited by the amount of enzymes produced by the liver. Alcohol is processed as fat by the liver using the same enzymes. So, when the liver is busy processing alcohol, it is not able to process the fat liberated by LIFEFORCE Z6. It can take the body up to 4 days after drinking alcohol to start processing fat again. Hence more time/treatments are required to achieve results.

16. Is LIFEFORCE Z6 effective in treating obese patients?
Yes. However, when Kawartha Medical Laser Clinic treats obese patients, we suggest that the treatments be combined with a program of weight loss and exercise. LIFEFORCE Z6 will not significantly address their excess weight but will provide a circumferential reduction to the treated areas in a relatively (4 weeks) short period of time. The significant improvement in body shape over a short period of time is used to motivate patients to comply with their diet and exercise program. Most physicians combining LIFEFORCE Z6 with a weight loss program prescribe a minimum of 18+ treatments total.

17. Is there a risk of fat embolism?
No. Fatty embolism occurs when clumps of fat cells enter the bloodstream after trauma (typically from a long bone fracture). LIFEFORCE Z6 does not rupture fat cells. With LIFEFORCE Z6, triglycerides are first processed by the lymphatic system where they are broken down by lipase enzymes into free fatty acid and glycerol before entering the blood stream, so there are no risks of fat embolisms with LIFEFORCE Z6.

18. Would a patient get the same or better results if they were treated on a daily basis?
In our clinical research studies, we performed treatments every 48 hours in order to allow the body’s lymphatic drainage system time to mobilize fluids and liberate fat from the body as well as allow the transitory pore in the fat cell to remain open. There are no studies conducted with patients undergoing daily treatments, therefore there are no studies comparing 48 hour treatments with daily treatments.